There are easy-to-use Saris bicycle racks for every user!
Saris is constantly pushing the technological boundaries of bicycle-transportation products. They bring innovative ideas to reality to make cycling more practical and fun by extending how and where you ride. If you're looking for the best in bicycle racks and storage solutions, look to Saris!

Rear Racks

Saris' Bones RS is a safe and easy way to carry 3 bikes!The Bones RS is Saris' premium rear rack. This amazing bike carrier utilizes a pair of steel-belted bands and a ratcheting system for a solid attachment to your vehicle. The rubber-coated clips and feet keep your auto's paint scratch-free. The pivoting anti-sway bike mounts keep up to 3 bikes from banging into each other. Plus, an integrated locking system makes sure your rides stay secure.

Truck Mounts

Before you lose it, secure it with Saris' Kool Rack. It's held fast by hydraulic pressure. A limit valve protects your truck bed walls while pivoting rubber pads grip any surface including bedliners. No drilling is required. It comes with 2 fork mounts, and additional mounts can be added (sold separately). Besides holding bikes, the Kool Rack can be used to secure cargo from sliding around the pick-up bed. One size fits all, too.Saris' Kool Rack mounts easily, works with a bedliner, and won't harm your truck!

Keep your bikes scratch-free with Saris' Protect-O-Pads!
Saris' Protect-O-Pads are foam blocks that separate and protect bikes and vehicles when the bicycles are aboard your Saris rack. They come 4 per package.

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